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Temple Cleaning & Renovation

Temple Cleaning & Renovation

Temples are responsible for spiritual, cultural, and historical significance in every of our Hindu communities. Our Temple Cleaning & Renovation campaign is a promising initiative which is spreading the message that ‘cleanliness is godliness’ and motivating our team and volunteers to clean these sacred homes of Gods as they deserve to be neat and tidy for praying worshippers.

In Our Temple Cleaning & Renovation campaign we address all kinds of issues that depreciate the temple such as accumulated dirt, structural damages, and neglected areas where no one can visit because of unhygienic conditions, to restore all the areas of the temples to shine bright like their former glory days. We do everything that is needed from basic cleaning of the surroundings and interiors to precisely detailed repairing and refurbishing of the damaged structural elements. Join us in our campaign to preserve and honour the spiritual territories that offer optimism and hope to worshippers and also hold a special place deep in our hearts and ancient culture.

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12A and 80G Certified
When you donate to Niswarth Kadam to support meaningful social welfare causes, we also offer 12A and 80G certification which makes your valuable donations eligible for tax exemption and tax benefits.
Registered under Socities Registration Act
We are a legally registered NGO under the Societies Registration Act, which helps us maintain transparency, accountability, and adherence to statutory regulations, creating reliable governance for social projects.
Affiliated with Niti Aayog through NGO Darpan
Niswarth Kadam is precisely and proudly affiliated with NITI Aayog through the NGO Darpan platform, which connects us directly with government bodies and other NGOs in India for social welfare and development.
Registered for undertaking CSR Activities
Our successful registration for undertaking Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities allows us to partner with desirable businesses and corporations to achieve the goal of collective social welfare together.

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