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Sanitary Napkins Distribution

Sanitary Napkins Distribution

We are dedicated to ensuring access to healthcare services for every individual, particularly those facing financial challenges. We focus on making quality medical treatment accessible by sponsoring medical care in private hospitals. In collaboration with other organizations, we have adopted a medical center in Manali to provide accessible healthcare services to people living in remote areas.

We believe every child deserves the opportunity to learn and grow. To support this mission, we have constructed a school in the Samalkha district of Panipat, Haryana where over 100 children are getting free education for a brighter future. Also, we have adopted several slum schools to extend our reach, ensuring children have access to quality education. Join us in our endeavor to educate every child and transform lives.

We promote women's health and hygiene through our free Sanitary Napkins Distribution campaign. We acknowledge and understand the challenges that many women in rural areas and underserved communities face in having access to hygienic sanitary products, which is why we provide free sanitary products. We wish to ensure that all women and girls should never have to compromise their health during the tough times of menstrual cycles. We also employ several underprivileged women to manufacture high-quality sanitary pads which will be distributed for free, making these women independent and healthy hand in hand.

We do more than just distribute sanitary products to women for free, we also conduct informative workshops and training sessions to educate women about maintaining hygienic and proper menstrual health. Through this initiative, we are making women financially independent by creating more employment opportunities and helping them maintain the needed mensural hygiene to ensure the blossoming of healthy families in a healthy nation.

Why Choose Niswarth Kadam For Donation?

12A and 80G Certified
When you donate to Niswarth Kadam to support meaningful social welfare causes, we also offer 12A and 80G certification which makes your valuable donations eligible for tax exemption and tax benefits.
Registered under Socities Registration Act
We are a legally registered NGO under the Societies Registration Act, which helps us maintain transparency, accountability, and adherence to statutory regulations, creating reliable governance for social projects.
Affiliated with Niti Aayog through NGO Darpan
Niswarth Kadam is precisely and proudly affiliated with NITI Aayog through the NGO Darpan platform, which connects us directly with government bodies and other NGOs in India for social welfare and development.
Registered for undertaking CSR Activities
Our successful registration for undertaking Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities allows us to partner with desirable businesses and corporations to achieve the goal of collective social welfare together.

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