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Philanthropist who has made significant contributions to social services over many years. Niswarth Kadam has successfully implemented numerous projects, including empowerment of women, establishment of schools, distribution of food and clothing to the underprivileged, provision of shelters for the homeless, rehabilitation and construction of homes for marginalized communities, and contributions to healthcare services nationwide.

In 2018, Mr. Pramod Raghav was honored with the "Haryana Gaurav" award by the Honorable Chief Minister of Haryana for his unparalleled contributions to transforming the lives of marginalized and underprivileged individuals. Additionally, Niswarth Kadam was recognized with the "Best NGO" award by the Government of Haryana.

Join us in making a meaningful impact and becoming a part of our journey to build a brighter future for all. Together, we can create a society where compassion and empowerment thrive, and where our planet flourishes alongside its inhabitants. Discover how you can contribute and make a lasting difference with Niswarth Kadam today.


Our Mission is to help the struggling sections of society who cannot fulfil their basic needs of food, clothes, education, shelter and healthcare. Also, we aim to promote environmental protection and amplify the important message of mankind by transforming struggling lives into fulfilling ones for a better future.


Our Vision is to create a better society whose entire basic needs are met and provide all the necessary opportunities to build an independent life for a healthy society with a greener planet for the future. We also work hard to create more employment, a pollution-free environment and reduce plastic waste.