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Take selfless social welfare steps and make a difference with us, Join the positive social impact with the NGO you can trust.

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We work for cow care and the welfare of cow caregivers, To make scared cow's lives easy and Mother India proud.

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Together we can uplift and better the underprivileged society, By eradicating the social challenges wisely and rightfully.

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We clean and offer much-need help or concrete hope to the helpless, Join us as a volunteer and assist us in making the world perfect.

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Join hands with the Niswarth Kadam Initiative and feed communities together. Your contribution to our food distribution drive paves the path to a hunger-free world.

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Providing clothing to those in need isn't just charity, it's a compassionate step towards restoring dignity. Join the Niswarth Kadam initiative and make a meaningful difference today.

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Education is every child's birthright. Join Niswarth Kadam in empowering young minds with the gift of knowledge and opportunity.

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Our Popular Causes

Temple Cleaning & Renovation

Our Temple Cleaning & Renovation campaign is dedicated to cleaning and maintaining cleanliness by all means and at all times in temples so worshippers.

Cleaning Drives

Our Cleaning Drives reflect our firm commitment to making India a cleaner and healthier country for every resident. We regularly organize many cleaning campaigns in various areas.

Milk Distribution

We provide the needed nutrition via our free nutritious milk distribution campaign to underprivileged children so that they can actively learn and become educated for a brighter career opportunity.

Samalkha School

We are delivering quality education and essential learning resources to underprivileged children in Samalkha. Granting the power of education for limitless lucrative opportunities to the future of the nation.

Padmini Arsh Kanya Gurukul

We aim to provide equal education opportunities for women and girls of rural and tribal areas, which is why we constructed Padmini Arsh Kanya Gurukul in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan.


Collective helping hands can heal the world exceptionally.

Mr. Pramod Raghav (Founder of Niswarth Kadam)

Founded by Mr. Pramod Raghav, a globally successful entrepreneur and philanthropist, Niswarth Kadam embodies a decade-long commitment to the welfare of society and humanity. Through numerous social welfare campaigns, Mr. Pramod Raghav continues to drive positive change, making a lasting impact on communities worldwide. Join us in our mission to create a better future together with Niswarth Kadam.

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What Do People Say And
Think About Us?

We have supported many lives and organized several social welfare campaigns. If there is no help during tough times, then there is always Niswarth Kadam with its selfless steps.

Know more what people say

We invested everything in our son and sent him to Dubai for his bright future. Within a month we heard he passed away and our old age support was with god. Me and my wife were struggling to live without money, ration and other living essentials. Niswarth Kadam’s team found us and gave us a free grocery store to support our living needs. God bless Niswarth Kadam and Pramod Raghav for their selfless act of kindness.

Meher Singh

I lost my husband because of dengue at a very early age. My children and I were helpless and struggling to put a warm meal on the plate every day for several days. Pramod Raghav Ji and his team found us and gave us the opportunity to make our lives independent, by constructing a ration shop, filling it up with stock and gifting it to me for free. I cannot thank him enough as now I am able to provide for my family.


My parents could not afford my school and education needs, Niswarth Kadam gave me free books, a water bottle, a lunch box, a uniform and shoes to attend school every day. Now all my friends and I are learning new things in School with all the educational resources. Thank you Niswarth Kadam for caring for my bright future.

Pooja Sinha

Our neighbourhood was always untidy and looked like a garbage dumping ground, Niswarth Kadam donated a street cleaning vehicle which helped us clean our neighbourhood and surrounding areas with ease. Now we live in a clean society free from diseases, Thank you Niswarth Kadam.

Aman Sharma

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Join Us in Making a Positive Impact

We believe in the power of collective effort to bring about positive change in society. Our community includes dedicated individuals who generously donate their time, efforts, and resources to create the change they envision for our country. You too can contribute your valuable support to any of our social welfare campaigns and initiatives.

As a trusted and compassionate NGO, we have successfully transformed challenges into opportunities to improve the lives of the underprivileged. Together, we have the power to make a significant difference in social welfare and upliftment.

Join our mission today and help us create a brighter future for all. Together, let's change lives and build a stronger, more inclusive society.


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giving a little to the needy.

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To promote and support welfare and improve the quality of life of less privileged, vulnerable, disadvantaged and marginalized people of our society where in they live positively and grow.