About Us

Registered in 2012 by Shri Pramod Raghav, Founder CEO of Falcon Force Pvt Ltd with a handful of energetic, motivated and committed individuals with one vision of selflessly serving the marginalized sections of the society.
Niswarth Kadam is an independent national NGO inspired by our social duties and commitments. It was initiated in 2009 when we realized that some small but significant steps need to be taken to uplift the downtrodden in our society, as a part of this decision we took our first steps by providing food to the children of economically weaker section. As we worked on the ground we found out about many other challenges faced by people and hence we decided to contribute to the society at a faster pace by taking multiple initiatives in parallel. Our goal is to provide food, clothes, shelter, education, better health facilities to all.
Niswarth Kadam contributes to a civil society by providing a means for expressing and actively addressing the varied and complex needs of society. We promote pluralism, diversity, and tolerance in society while protecting and strengthening cultural, ethnic religious, linguistic and other identities. We initiated to develop cultures protect the environment and support all activities and concerns that make a vibrant civil society.

Our Focus

To improve the quality of life for oppressed, disadvantaged, and marginalized peoples

Target Population

Target communities served by Niswarth Kadam are from the lowest strata of society. The NGO works for upliftment of people limited by a low status in society in the areas of social, economic, domestic, personal and cultural development. The total number of people directly and indirectly benefiting from the services from our NGO is approximately 5,000